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Sustainable Farming through Carbon removal methods

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Carbon Removal

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Transforming Waste into Sustainable Solutions: Bengaluru's Biochar Initiative for Tender Coconut Shells

•Bengaluru’s thirst for tender coconut has piles of discarded nutshells. Especially during summer, Bengalureans consume tender coconut water from street vendors. The coconut shells are then dumped across the city. .

•These discarded shells responsible for carbon emissions from landfills, represent a potential feedstock for biochar production.

•Our initiative involves collecting a portion of the tender coconut waste generated by street vendors and subjecting it to pyrolysis, producing biochar. This biochar effectively sequesters carbon in a stable form for over a century.

•The resulting biochar, known for restoring soil fertility and serving as a soil conditioner, will be distributed to local farmers, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Learn more on: Biochar Production & Application 

Chemical free healthy food is now healthy to planet as well.

  • More than 90 % of the fruits and vegetables available in the market contain pesticide residues, which have built up chronic diseases in human beings.

  • Earth is warming up at a rate of 0.18 °C per decade since 1980, which is twice the rate of warming than pre-industrial period, because of increase in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Our food systems are responsible for approximately 34% of the GHG emissions globally

  • It is need of the hour for paying attention to how our food is grown, how it is reaching our plate and how healthy it is to us and planet

  • Carbon Neutral Food is chemical free and has net zero carbon emissions, which makes it healthy to us and sustainable to planet

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